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Writing a Support Letter: Be In Touch with Your Supporters Regularly

Keep your letters coming at a predictable pace. Regularity helps you remember to stay in touch, and it helps build a reliable connection to your supporters.

The pace of sending your letters may be predetermined by your organization, but if it’s not, remember to keep them coming, but don’t flood inboxes.

Monthly is a common timeframe. It makes sense, since many supporters give monthly, and your letter can serve as a reminder for them to send their check.

At a minimum, send a letter every three months. A quarterly update could be a timely occasion to send updates on your work. You don’t really want to go longer than that in between letters, because you don’t want your supporters to forget about you. Your newsletters are also a way to let your supporters know that they are a priority to you.

However frequently you send your letter, you need to send it regularly. Even if you don’t have a lot to say or much time to write it, your letter coming keeps you in the minds of your supporters.

It also helps you. If you make connecting with your supporters a priority, it keeps them in your mind, too. And what a great thing to have on your mind: people who love and support you!

Additionally, writing regularly can be a way for you to process what is going on in your life, like we talked about in “Share What You’re Learning.”

How frequently do you send a newsletter? Why?


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