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Coming from MPDx? We think you’ll enjoy the simplicity of DonorElf, and you can easily get started by importing all the data you have in MPDx.

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We understand that missionaries and mission organizations are sometimes on a tight budget which is why we’ve create a new referral program to get your DonorElf account for FREE.

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DonorElf Simplifies Raising and Managing Support

Designed and built with users in mind- DonorElf is enjoyably simple and intuitive. Don’t believe us? See for yourself with our Demo Account.

Track Everything in One Place

Forget having to keep track of Facebook messages, email, text, and physical reports. DonorElf keeps everything in one place.

Works on All Devices

Our software is conveniently responsive and works well with any desktop, tablet or smart phone. Access your account from any device at any time.

Syncs with Your Systems

DonorElf works harmoniously with your existing accounting software, Mailchimp list, and more. We simplify your workload with our integrations.

Real-Time Tracking

Imagine a personal donor assistant that lets you know in real-time who’s giving, how much they’ve given, or who has stopped. Better nurture your partner relations by simply know what’s going on.

Accounting Software Integration

Manually sending out reports to missionaries are a thing of the past. Administrators can upload data to DonorElf and missionaries can immediately track incoming gifts.

Rock Solid Security

Sensitive information deserves the highest protection. DonorElf is secured with the same type of encryption that the government uses for top-secret documents. Learn more below.

Why You'll Love DonorElf

When you’re a missionary raising your own financial support, you have a lot of work to stay on top of your support account. Your sending organization already provides you an online portal or emails you reports so you know who your donors are and their gifts. But you know there is much more for you to keep track of than just gifts and donor addresses, and that’s why you need DonorElf.

The chart below shows why missionaries need more than just emailed reports or an online staff portal.



Monthly Donations

How much came in last month?

Donor Information

What are my donors’ names and addresses?  

New Donors

Who are first time donors so I can send them a thank you?

Missed Donation Notification

Are there any donors that give regularly but have stopped giving? I need to follow up with them because most likely they didn’t mean to stop giving.

Important Alerts

I’m on the field and super busy with the ministry. I know I should take time to look over my support account, but I don’t. I just want to be emailed and notified if there is someone I need to be communicating with, like a first time donor or a regular donor that stopped giving.

Donor Relations

I have a lot of people I’m keeping track of—both donors and non-donors. I want one place to track everyone because I know I’ll forget to update information if I have more than one place to track things.

Prospective Donors

I just met with a friend and he plans to start giving $50 a month. I need to record his name, address and that he plans to give $50 monthly.

Phone Accessible Software

I don’t have my computer with me so I want to use my phone to add my friend’s name, address and record that he plans to give $50 monthly.

Donor Reminders

Who has committed to give but it’s been a couple months and their first gift still hasn’t come in? I want to send them a reminder.

Prospective Donor List Management

I’m just starting out and am namestorming 100+ people that might be interested in joining my team. I need to record their names, address, phone numbers and email.

Newsletter List Management

I mail out a newsletter on a regular basis. I need to keep track of the names and addresses of people that want to receive my newsletter. Some already donate to me but many do not.

Mailchimp Integration

I want to send an email out to all my donors. I have a free MailChimp account and want my donors’ name and email address to sync with my MailChimp account.

Donor Groups

I have a lot of people I’m keeping track of, both donors and non-donors. I want to create some groups and include the relevant contacts in each group to help bring some organization.

Donor Birthday Notifications

I just met with a long time donor and would like to start sending them a birthday card every year. I want to record their birthday and be notified of it each year.

Task Reminders

I just asked a friend to partner with me financially. She is in the middle of moving houses and asked me to get back with her in a couple months when things have settled done. I want to create a task reminder to follow up with her.

DonorElf Pricing

Stewardship is important, so why spend money on software? 

DonorElf makes it simple to view pledges, missed donations, or prospective donors. You will soon see DonorElf pay for itself.

$12.95 per user / month

For Missionaries

For all the features mentioned above and more, there’s an easy monthly cost of $12.95 per user/month which goes towards maintaining and improving the platform.

There’s no cost to setup and no long-term commitment. You are free to cancel anytime you want, however, we think you’ll quickly see the value of DonorElf for your missional goals.

Contact for Pricing Info

For Mission Organizations

We offer volume discounts for organizations with many users. There is no cost for an organization to get set up and we do all the integration work with your accounting systems.

Plus, with our All Funds Summary report the organization’s leadership can get a “bird’s eye view” of all the missionaries in order to make informed decisions and provide necessary support.

Introducing DonorElf's Referral Program

For every person you refer that has been on a paid DonorElf account for 3 months, you will be credited with 3 months.
  • There is no limit on how many people you can refer (you could have it free indefinitely!)
  • Only one person can be submitted as a referrer.
  • No refunds will be issued for months already paid.
Please make sure that when a new user signs up, they need to submit who referred them in order to get credit- including your name and email. Happy Referring!

Powered By Elves

Meet the Team Behind DonorElf

Paul Founder & Developer
Eric Software Developer
Christian Customer Success

Frequently Asked Questions


Pricing Questions

We're a ministry, why isn't DonorElf free?

We would love to offer DonorElf for free but that’s simply not possible. There are expenses for us to continue to improve, support, and host DonorElf.

However, we truly believe that DonorElf will quickly pay for itself in saved time for your mission organization staff and missionaries.

Is there an implementation fee or long-term contract?

We implement DonorElf on your system for free and there are no long-term contracts.

You start paying once your accounting system has been integrated and your missionaries are using our software.

Because there are no long-term contracts, you can cancel DonorElf at any point.

For organization plans, is there a cost to the organization?

No, there is no cost to the organization to get setup DonorElf and offer it to their missionaries. We also do most of the hard work of integrating your accounting system with DonorElf, so it won’t require much time from your office staff.

What if we can't get all our missionaries in our organization to sign up?

Great question! We do not require that all missionaries sign up within an organization. Your organization can get setup on DonorElf and make it optional for the missionaries to use.

However, the organization pricing will not be available, and each missionary will be charged the individual rate of $12.95 a month.

What is DonorHub?

DonorHub (which used to be called Tnt Data Server) is a piece of software that a mission organization can setup to allow their missionaries to automatically download their donors and gifts into DonorElf. That way gifts don’t have to manually be entered into DonorElf. We have a list of all the organizations that have DonorHub servers, and during the signup process we’ll let you know if your organization has a DonorHub server.

DonorElf integrates with your organization’s accounting system for no additional charge, so an organization doesn’t need DonorHub, but if they already have it then it can be used.

Product Questions

Does DonorElf replace our accounting system?

DonorElf doesn’t replace your accounting systems, rather it complements it.

The features of our system provides information, analytics, and reporting that your accounting system was never built to do.

So which accounting systems integrate with DonorElf?

DonorElf can work with just about any accounting or donation processing system, therefore you don’t need to change it to use DonorElf. We currently integrate with the following systems:

  • Aplos
  • Breeze
  • Church Community Builder
  • DonorPerfect
  • DonorTools
  • eTapestry
  • Fellowship One
  • Financial Edge
  • Gift Works
  • Great Plains
  • Kindful
  • Little Green Light
  • MPower MPX
  • PowerChurch
  • Raisers Edge
  • SalesForce
  • Serenic Navigator
  • Virtuous

If your accounting system isn’t listed above, then contact us and we’ll work with you to add its integration with DonorElf.

Does DonorElf process any transactions?

Since we are not an accounting system, we don’t process transactions—online or offline. However, because we’re integrated with your accounting software you simply only need to input donation information in there once and it will be uploaded to DonorElf for your missionaries to see.

How secure is DonorElf?

DonorElf provides the same level of security as bank websites do. All the data transmissions over the Internet are secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate, and a 256-bit AES Cipher-Block Chaining encryption algorithm is used to encrypt personal information in the database. This is the same encryption the government uses for top-secret documents. So you can rest easy knowing your data is secure with DonorElf.

We have two systems, one that keeps track of donations and the other keeps track of expenses. Can DonorElf integrate with both systems?

Yes, most of the time it can. One of the great things about DonorElf is its ability to consolidate information from disparate systems like donation processing software and accounting software. It will bridge the gap for your office staff as well as your missionaries to provide them what they need, when they need it.

However, around 75% of our organizations that have a separate donation processing system only upload information from the donation processing system. They have found the expense information in the accounting system isn’t as important for the missionaries to see in DonorElf. So you can decide whether or not you want to combine both systems in DonorElf.

Why is your name "DonorElf"?

Funny you should ask. 

I don’t know about you, but I didn’t like cleaning my room as a kid. My mom used to say to me “It’s not like elves are going to come do it for you.”

She was right. No elves ever came to help me out like they did in the book, “The Elves and the Shoemaker”.

DonorElf, however, will help missionaries and simplify the process of “cleaning their room” err…managing their ministry partner relations. We make it easy for missionaries to manage all their donor relations in one place so it begins to feel like “elves” are taking care of your affairs.

Implementation Questions

We have a donation processing system and a separate accounting system. Can DonorElf integrate with both?

Yes, most of the time it can. One of the great things about DonorElf is its ability to consolidate information from disparate systems like donation processing software and accounting software. It will bridge the gap for your office staff as well as your missionaries to provide them what they need, when they need it.

However, around 75% of our organizations that have a separate donation processing system only upload information from the donation processing system. They have found the expense information in the accounting system isn’t as important for the missionaries to see in DonorElf. So you can decide whether or not you want to combine both systems in DonorElf.

How hard will it be for our office staff to start using DonorElf?

It’s our goal to make DonorElf as easy-to-use as possible, so we believe there’s a very small learning curve to becoming comfortable with our support. In addition, we offer amazing onboarding support to make the transition seamless.

How long does it take to fully implement DonorElf?

This depends on several factors, but on average it can take anywhere from a week to a few months.

If we’ve already integrated with your accounting software, then we can often perform the integration within a week and then your pilot users can start testing it out.

If we haven’t integrated DonorElf with your accounting software yet, then it can take a couple months.

A more accurate estimate can be given during the Discovery phase leading up to the onboarding process. (Click here to see our proven 5-step onboarding process)

How many missionaries can be added at once?

We can bring in hundreds at a time. We usually want to pilot the system with a few key users in the office and field first.

From there, we can flip the switch and bring on all of your missionaries at once. We can can also do a tiered roll-out where we bring in a group of missionaries at a time. We’ll work with you to determine the best approach.

We are a big organization. How do we know DonorElf can support our needs?

DonorElf has successfully onboarded and supported several large organizations (250+ missionaries) that started out with the same concerns. With that said, we are happy to provide references of other large organizations who are enjoying DonorElf. Just contact us and we’ll pass the information along.

What if only some of our missionaries are interested in using DonorElf?

We have the flexiblity to offer a la carte pricing that allows missionaries to choose if they want to use DonorElf (with a minimum of 3). We strongly encourage entire organizations to jump on board so there aren’t fragmented processes from varying methods/tools used across an organization.

We always want to make your life easier 🙂

How does DonorElf work in countries with poor Internet access?

Our goal is to make the information your missionaries need available to them wherever they are in the world, which is why our entire platform is mobile responsive to work on all devices. If your missionaries in the field are able to track their accounts using your current software or emailed reports, they should be able to use DonorElf.

I’ve been using TntConnect, can I import all my data into DonorElf?

Absolutely, importing from TntConnect into DonorElf is included with all plans.

Have more questions? Email info@donorelf.com


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