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Forget having to keep track of Facebook messages, email, text, and physical reports. DonorElf keeps everything in one place.
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Our software is conveniently responsive and works well with any desktop, tablet or smart phone. Access your account from any device at any time.
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DonorElf works harmoniously with your existing accounting software, Mailchimp list, and more. Simplifying your workload with our integrations.
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Why DonorElf

When you’re a missionary raising your own financial support, you have a lot of work to stay on top of your support account. Your sending organization already provides you an online portal or emails you reports so you know who your donors are and their gifts. But you know there is much more for you to keep track of than just gifts and donor addresses, and that’s why you need DonorElf.

The chart below shows why missionaries need more than just emailed reports or an online staff portal.

Reports / Portal DonorElf
How much came in last month?
What are my donors’ names and addresses?
Who are first time donors so I can send them a thank you? maybe
Are there any donors that give regularly but have stopped giving? I need to follow up with them because most likely they didn’t mean to stop giving. maybe
I’m on the field and super busy with the ministry. I know I should take time to look over my support account, but I don’t. I just want to be emailed and notified if there is someone I need to be communicating with, like a first time donor or a regular donor that stopped giving.
I have a lot of people I’m keeping track of—both donors and non-donors. I want one place to track everyone because I know I’ll forget to update information if I have more than one place to track things.
I just met with a friend and he plans to start giving $50 a month. I need to record his name, address and that he plans to give $50 monthly.
I don’t have my computer with me, so I want to use my phone to add my friend’s name, address and record that he plans to give $50 monthly.
Who has committed to give but it’s been a couple months and their first gift still hasn’t come in? I want to send them a reminder.
I’m just starting out and am namestorming 100+ people that might be interested in joining my team. I need to record their names, address, phone numbers and email.
I mail out a newsletter on a regular basis. I need to keep track of the names and addresses of people that want to receive my newsletter. Some already donate to me but many do not.
I want to send an email out to all my donors. I have a free MailChimp account and want my donors’ name and email address to sync with my MailChimp account.
I have a lot of people I’m keeping track of, both donors and non-donors. I want to create some groups and include the relevant contacts in each group to help bring some organization.
I just met with a long time donor and would like to start sending them a birthday card every year. I want to record their birthday and be notified of it each year.
I just asked a friend to partner with me financially. She is in the middle of moving houses and asked me to get back with her in a couple months when things have settled done. I want to create a task reminder to follow up with her.

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