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We here at the North American Mission Board are extremely pleased with our partnership with Paul Yoder and DonorElf. With almost 500 of our ministry partner supported missionaries using it now, DonorElf is an invaluable tool for them to not only keep up with their personal support accounts, but to also strengthen the connection with their ministry partners through the useful information it provides. Paul and his team are great to work with and continually exhibit a can-do, customer service oriented spirit. It is easy to see that they view their work with DonorElf as part of their Great Commission efforts and they truly are by maximizing our missionaries' time!

- Mike Riggins, Missionary Support Coordinator with North American Mission Board

DonorElf is the ideal way to keep track of my support account. All of its tools are easy to use and the graphs are a perfect snapshot of how my account is doing. Since it is online, it is always up-to-date and easy to access. The ease of DonorElf has helped me keep up with my supporters and has made adding new supporters much easier. My favorite tool lets me know when new supporters have given for the first time or when monthly supporters have dropped off. It's the perfect encouragement to contact those people and thank them for their giving. The only way DonorElf could be better is if it wrote the thank you notes for you itself =)

- Cara Strauss Contreras, Word Made Flesh

DonorElf Helps You...

Keep track of your personal support account

DonorElf is made specifically for missionaries who raise their own financial support, and it takes the pain out of managing donors and donations.

Missionaries can easily view their current balance and transactions, their newest donors, and which donors have stopped giving.

Easily navigate your numbers

Our clean design organizes all your important information—the way you wish you had time to. You can know at a glance what’s in your account, if people are giving how they pledged, and how your numbers compare to months and years past. And it’s all laid out in easy-to-read graphs and charts.

Keep a pulse on all your trends

You can see instantly who’s giving, how much they’re giving, and who has stopped giving. Handy graphs show you how your numbers compare to other months. It’s like having your own personal accounting team reporting to you on the state of your support account.

Know now what you have

No more waiting for that monthly financial statement. Know what you have in your account right now. DonorElf is synced with your organization’s accounting software, so you’ll know at any given moment what’s coming in or going out.

Access accurate mailing information

Your contacts are automatically updated with changes to your organization’s list. That means you’ll never have to update another address yourself—just let your administrators do it.

Sync with your accounting system

This means any time your organization’s accounting system is updated (like if a new check comes in), you will know about it. You don’t have to wait for a monthly report. You’ll know right now what you’ve got.

Track pledges

Maybe you’re eagerly waiting to reach that target pledge amount so you can get on the field. Or maybe you just want to make sure that what’s been promised has actually been coming in. Either way, let DonorElf keep track of your pledges for you.

Bank-level security

Your data is safe with DonorElf. All the data transmissions over the Internet are secured with a 256-bit SSL certificate, and a 256-bit AES Cipher-Block Chaining encryption algorithm is used to encrypt your data in the database. This is the same encryption the government uses for top-secret documents. So you can rest easy knowing your data is secure with DonorElf.


We want to make it easy for any organization to offer DonorElf to their missionaries, so there is no cost to the organization to be setup on DonorElf.

That means we will help you integrate your donation processing system with DonorElf free of charge. And if there are ever any issues with the integration in the future, we will help resolve them.

Then any missionary can try out DonorElf free for two weeks, and if they like it, they will be billed $12 a month to their credit card.

Time is money. Even—or perhaps especially—in the non-profit world. We believe DonorElf will pay for itself in the amount of time it will save you—the missionary—in tracking down your figures and your donors.


Paul Yoder created and runs DonorElf. He is a web developer with 10 years of experience and has worked in both corporate and non-profit positions, including a position for which he raised his own financial support. He understands the challenge of fundraising, but also knows that it is a vital piece of ministry. Paul wants to equip missionaries with useful, intuitive software that actually makes donor tracking a simpler process.

Paul is happy to answer any questions about DonorElf, if it will work for your organization, and what the implementation process is. He loves to work with organizations to continue to improve the features of DonorElf. Feel free to reach out to him anytime at