As a missionary it’s up to you to raise support and become fully funded. DonorElf provides the clarity and simplicity you need to take some of the pain out of the process.

DonorElf isn’t free, but it allows you to be a good steward of your resources so you don’t waste time dealing with reports and wondering how to keep track of everything.

What People are saying

Before joining DonorElf I was skeptical. There were other free programs out there that I considered that seemed to have the same features. I mean why pay 10-20 bucks a month when I could it for free? After all I need to be a good steward of God's money-the money of the hard working people who give to my family every month.

I dragged my feet and poked around some more playing around with other software that ended up being clunky and cumbersome.

Then it struck me. I was being a POOR steward of God's money by NOT signing up. I realized by trying to save 15 dollars a month I was losing 100’s a month, and I wasn't able to contact donors on a timely basis if they gave. I was completely in the dark with what was REALLY happening with my donors and finances. I couldn't steward what I couldn't measure.

Within a week of signing up for DonorElf I found that a big donor had accidentally stopped giving 6 months ago. I contacted him and he was shocked, and started giving again--thanking me for contacting him.

Aden Wright

At first I was reluctant to pay the fee if I could either do it myself or do a free version with something else.

But since using DonorElf, the best part is probably seeing late donors so I don’t miss months of their gifts. The email summaries are nice too so I can specifically thank new supporters. Thank you so much for the service. This saves me time and helps me feel more connected to my supporters.