Mobile App for Missionaries

Mobile App

I can’t believe it’s been almost three years since I first started work on DonorElf. And in that time I have made over 1,000 updates to it (1,098 to be exact). Needless to say, DonorElf has changed a lot over the years as I have constantly been tweaking and adding new features to it.

One of the most requested features for DonorElf has always been a mobile app … and now I’m excited to say that DonorElf will finally get its most requested feature!

DonorElf’s mobile app will allow missionaries to download and view all their support account information directly on their mobile phone. They’ll have all their [automatically updated] DonorElf contacts on their phone so calling, texting or emailing will be quick and easy.

Users will also be able to quickly see their dashboard and know how healthy their support account is and which contacts they need to be communicating with. And they’ll be able to see their transactions and filter them, just like on the website.

We’ll have two native mobile apps: one for the iPhone and one for the Android. And because these will be native apps instead of just a website optimized to view on the phone, missionaries will be able to view their DonorElf account even when they don’t have a connection to the Internet.

The mobile app is just in the beginning stages of development, and I’m hoping it will be ready to download come late summer or early fall!

Of the thousand updates made to DonorElf, I believe the mobile app will be one of its biggest updates. And after the mobile app has been built, I look forward to making the next thousand updates to DonorElf as I continually work at making it the simplest software for missionaries to keep track of their support account!

Writing a Support Letter eBook

Over the past few months, we have published a series of articles sharing how a missionary can effectively write support letters. We’ve covered suggestions for what to share in those letters, tips on writing in general, and even some guides to designing them.

Now we have combined all these articles into a single eBook to make them even easier to read.

You can download the free Writing a Support Letter eBook here.

Please feel free to pass it along too! We believe this will be a helpful tool for you and your other missionary friends.

We want our DonorElf blog to provide useful support-raising resources for missionaries and organizations that train and send missionaries. Let us know what other blog topics we could cover to help train you and your missionaries!